(Charlottesville, Virginia) – White terror organization, which will now be known as WHISIS, or the White-ISIS, just committed a terror attack on protestors at the University of Virginia campus.

WARNING: This footage may be disturbing as should any Terror attack.

This is an on-going story. The number of victims is not known.

It is safe to assume this is not an attack by out-of-towner’s like the Governor of Virginia Terry McAullife alleged in his earlier statement, but rather a calculated attack that was being planned for months by the WHISIS organization.

The University of Virginia allowed the group to promote this event for months, knowing what their other events turned out like, and chose to let the event go on. They took no actions to protect their students from this terrorist attack.

Precedent Trump is scheduled to make a meaningless statement later today to fake-condemn his supporters for supporting him and fulfilling his campaign promises.

David Duke, the White Osama Bin Laden, was present at this event and was very satisfied with the outcome and thanked the Precedent for following through with hateful rhetoric.

More info to come as the event unfolds. If you are UVA, please find safety there’s no telling what WHISIS is capable of.

Will any mainstream news label this as a terrorist attack? CNN hasn’t.